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Welcome to
Carnes Steakhouse @ Hotel Puerto Valdes

A flavor experience worth trying.

100 calle valdes, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Located on the fourth floor of the Hotel Puerto Valdés, in Puerta de Tierra. With views of the San Juan Bay and one of the most complete Argentine wine cellars. The cuisine offers a wide variety of premium selected cuts of meat, poultry and seafood that are roasted using the thousand-year-old concept of Kamado.

The Restaurant

Steaks are our passion!

Experience amazing flavors and a unique culinary endeavor with quality interpretation from Latin America.
Accompany your experience with a delicious selection of Argentinian wines in a cellar that includes an interesting variety of labels that contains white and red wines as well as some sparkling wines.
We invite to toast with us!

The Kamado Experience

A broad sense of the art of cooking.


When it comes to the texture of the food, the advantage of the kamado lies in its extraordinary design.

Flavor and Texture

Cooks the food evenly thanks to the surrounding heat and retains its natural juices to a great extent, thus these do not dry out and are perfectly cooked, tender and juicy.